We offer the resources and visibility necessary for the implementation of marketing and commercial strategies

            Ensuring :

            • Continuous logistic flow of products by: Providing annual purchase forecasts ; Minimum local stock ;

             Sufficient stocks of products for the launch

            • Management of free logistic flow: Advertising and promotional tools, free units, etc.

            Promotion with large specialized sales force: Medical visit, Visit to pharmacy, Sales point advisers,training …

            • Periodic reporting on performance indicators.

Providing, if need be, administrative accommodation of sales teams reporting directly to laboratories.


We offer the necessary support for the development of sales outlets and providing teams with advice on products:

            • Continuous training of pharmacy teams

            • Designing points of sale and providing advice from the plans, Merchandising

            • Trade marketing

            • Providing sales support through skin care advisers and diagnostic support tools (Dermo-Analyzers, _______Capilliscope …)

            • Support for the establishment of performance indicators


We offer you a wide range of quality products and professional advice.

            • Skin care advisers in pharmacy:

                            Customized advice

                            Skin diagnosis (Dermo-Analyzer)

                             Hair diagnosis (Capilliscope)

            • Communication and Advice via social media